Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sizemore Christmas 2011

The weekend before Christmas we headed over to Jason's mom house to celebrate Christmas with his mom, both of his brothers, their wives and our two nieces!
My kids were so excited!
Jason's mom left some of her 'unbreakable' ornaments off of her small tree so that the kids could help decorate.

She also had some fun name/winter decoration placemats for all six kids to do. 
Easton and Uncle Mike worked well together!
The best picture I could get of all six!
Of course, all four kids were spoiled  -  Thank you for all of their presents!
Gianna loves her new stroller - her only problem is which one of her hundred babies gets to ride ;)
Jason's mom baked almost all of her sugar cookies, but left a small batch of dough for the grandchildren to roll and cut.

The highlight of the day... frosting the cookies.  I was impressed with how well they all did.
Look at that concentration!
Gianna frosted maybe two cookies, but I think she licked enough frosting to cover five or six!
Easton started out strong....
until he spotted the sprinkle containers.  The boy can stack anything!
A huge thank you to Barb for organizing a fun packed day!  All four kids had a fabulous time, and slept well all the way home!

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