Saturday, December 31, 2011

More Than a Tree

A few days after Thanksgiving we packed ourselves up to go pick out this year's perfect Christmas tree.  I was very disappointed with our tree last year (it was a fire hazard by Christmas day!).  This year we went to Post Family Farms (we picked our pumpkins there last year).  From the information in the paper, I thought they had 'cut your own trees'.  I was mistaken, but we had a great time anyways!  We have had great luck with our tree this year!  It is beautifully shaped and has kept most of its needles.  The cutie patootie guy who sold us the tree, was more than happy to take our family picture.
They have THEEEE BEST donuts - straight from the oven... YUM!  They also had complimentary hot chocolate.
Gianna gave both a thumbs up!
While waiting for the horse drawn ride, we took a self guided tour of the animal pens/barn. 
Easton is such an animal kid!
When it snows they have horse drawn sleigh rides (I would love to go back and try it out!).  When there isn't snow, they have horse drawn trailers :)  My kids loved it. 
They let Ellery pet the horses when the ride was finished - oh does she love horses?!?!
Our tree adventure took us so long, that we stopped at a local pizza place for some pizza and chocolate milk.  I LOVE that my kids are getting old enough to actually sit and eat in a restaurant - woohoo!
We decorated the tree the following day, and all four kids loved helping.

The weather was also warm enough for us to put out all of our outdoor decorations in one full swoop.  Easton even decided that he needed to come out and vacuum up all of the pine needles that fell off of the tree.  He cracks me up - bare feet and all!

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