Monday, July 9, 2012

April - Butterfly Gardens

The two animals that Gianna loves most are elephants ("efifants") and butterflies ("buffaflies").  So, in late April we took the kiddos to Fredrik Meijer Gardens.  Each year, in the spring, they have a beautiful exhibit called Butterflies are Blooming.  They have a huge conservatory where butterflies fly freely among the visitors.  They have many kid friendly displays, and super helpful staff/volunteers.  The girls wore their bright butterfly dresses in hopes of attracting some butterflies.  Unfortunately, their strategy was a bust.  They still enjoyed getting close up to the caterpillars, seeing the chrysalises in the 'Bungalow', and watching the butterflies drink nectar with their proboscis!

It was a chilly day, but nice and sunny, so we decided to explore their grounds.  What a perfect place for kids!!!

We have a recurring theme when we go to places now... we cost too much :(  After paying for all six of us to get in, we were extremely close to paying the cost of a family membership.  We are now the proud members of Fredrik Meijer Gardens!  I hope to visit sometime this summer or early fall again!

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