Monday, July 9, 2012

May - Tulip Time 2012

We couldn't get through spring without our annual trip to Tulip Time, in Holland!  This year we had an unusually hot spring, which was great for people who love warm weather (me, me, me!), but it wasn't so good for the flowers and crops - including the tulips.  The big joke was that it should have been called 'Stem Fest' this past year.  None the less, we made our way down for some junk food, dutch dancers and wanna-be tulips!

We tried deep fried pickles and mozzarella sticks this year (no pics, sorry).  The pickles were fine, but Oh-My-Heavens... the mozzarella sticks were to DIE for!!!  My mouth is salivating just thinking about them, and it was two months ago.  The food stand sliced a big block of cheese, then breaded them in a beer batter and deep fried them.  Each stick was the size of a hot dog.  So, so yummy!

The kids favorite?  French Fries of course!

And, they did enjoy an elephant ear or two :)

We went in search of some tulips, and guess what Gianna spotted?!?!  A butterfly!  
(In the picture below, it is just above the 'ore' of our watermark.)

Hopefully next year, there will be more tulips, and less empty stems (and more mozzarella sticks too please!)

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