Monday, July 16, 2012

June - Soccer, T-Ball & Dance... Oh My!

When Quin and I read through our Zeeland Rec guide, she wanted to try t-ball, dance camp and soccer.  She doesn't do summer well.  She likes to have things to do, on a scheduled calendar (I know, sounds a lot like her mother, huh?!?!)  Boredom is not our friend!  The first week out of school was a disaster for her.  She hated not having school or dance, so I am glad that we signed her up for all three activities. 

Quin and Jason did 'Toddler T-ball' again.  Boy, what a difference a year makes!  Quin was much better this year, and actually liked going.  Of the three activities, this was her favorite!
Her favorite position was catcher because she got to "touch the ball all of the time".
It helped that she and her friend Macie were on the same team this year!
I love that the triplets are getting older too!  We went to all four games.  They loved bringing their chairs and cheering Quin on, but inevitably they ended playing on the playground most of the games.  
I love this picture of Ellery (L) and Gianna (R).  Doesn't it look like they are in a deep conversation about something?  :)

Quin also participated in a soccer camp for four consecutive Saturdays.  This was a new sport for Quin.  She wasn't a fan... "too much running".  HA!  Too bad for her... she is signed up to play on a team come fall time.  
I think if she puts a little effort into it, she could actually be good.  

She also went to a dance camp for eight days (two weeks, four days each week, for 45 minutes).  It was pulling teeth to get her there, but once she was there she loved it.  UGH!

I am not sure I will able to keep up when the triplets are a year or two older and want to participate in all of these events!  Eek - I will need to find a way to clone myself, or they will just have to be on the same teams.  Eek!

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