Thursday, December 27, 2012

Circus (September)

The circus came to Grand Rapids late in September.  I was on the fence about going, for a number of reasons.  Our kids love animals, but when I checked out the price my decision was made for me - ouch!  

On a whim I entered a contest through West Michigan Mommy - and WON!  And, we didn't get just regular tickets... they were 'Circus Celebrity' tickets!  This scared me, as the only description for me was that we were going to be part of the circus.  I HATE being the center of attention.  After doing some searching on-line I found that it just meant that we were going to sit in the middle of the circus floor for a section of the show, so that the high wire bicyclists could perform above the area where our seats were.  I could handle that!

Our assigned seats were in the second row.
We were each given lanyards to show that we were in the 'celebrity' area.
We sat in the middle of the floor for about 25 minutes while the performers were doing their thing around us.  The kids were in awe.
Quin thought the fog was SOOO stinky!
This is what the crowd looked like from our floor seats.
One of the clowns came over to talk to Quin.  He was trying to talk her into pulling Gianna's hair.  I had to laugh - she didn't go for it.  I was surprised... she doesn't need a reason at home to do that kind of stuff - ha!
As we were going back to our seats another clown talked Easton into holding his hand.  
It only lasted for about 5 seconds before Easton thought through his decision and decided to bail!
Gianna was in heaven every time the elephants came out!  Her expressions made our trip worth it!
She loved their tricks, and that they held 'trunks and tails'!
A big thank you to Melissa at West Michigan Mommy!  We had a ton of fun, and wouldn't have gone had it not been for the tickets that she helped give away!

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