Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pumpkin 'Fun' (October)

We stayed close to home and went to Fun Pumpkins to pick our pumpkins this year.  
They had their tractor parked out front, and Easton was so excited!  It was hard to get him to leave the tractor and actually look for a pumpkin.
The girls did the hard work of pulling the pumpkin wagon.
They had a great selection of flat pumpkins for stacking.  
Their field also had a ton of pumpkins in all stages, sizes and shapes!
Gianna was so sweet.  She picked out the top pumpkin for one of my pumpkin towers and then found a stump to sit on.  She waited so patiently for everyone else to finish their search.

Again, I joined the fabulous teachers that I work with to have our annual First Grade Family Pumpkin Carving night at my school.  So, in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, Jason and the kids joined us.  They carved pumpkins along side the families in our classes.  

I missed most of the picture opps because I was running around getting pictures of my students, but our cute little pumpkins turned out very cute!  A huge thank you to Jason for keeping all four kids focused on pumpkins and getting the job done!

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