Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Trailer-ing Trip #3 - Holland (August)

We spent the first two weeks of August closer to home!  We parked ourselves at Oak Grove in Holland, so we were only about 20 minutes from home.  
The campground itself was very nice, and we had the best spot ever!  Check out all of the green space!  We had to park there also, but the kids were so happy to have a big space to run and play in, and I was happy that I could easily keep an eye on them.  
Notice the one thing missing????  
A firepit :(  
They do not have firepits on their front sites, opting for a community firepit instead.  This was the one and only downside to the campground for me.  I loved cooking over the fire at the other campgrounds.  The community fire pit was on the complete opposite side from us, and it was just a pain to carry our food back and forth!  

The weather for those two weeks was downright cold and icky.  But, when possible, we took advantage of their pool.

The campground is less than a mile from the state park (Lake Michigan).  There were two ice cream places between us and the beach.  YUM!  Any exercise that I was doing was definitely negated by our daily ice cream ventures!

The best part of this 'trailer-ing' adventure was being reminded of the beautiful beach area that we live so close to!  I can't believe that we take it for granted!

We took the time to hike up the stairs to the top of Mt. Pisgah.

Because it was so cold, we didn't go in the water much - but, the kids loved to go and watch the boats go in and out of the channel.  

We were able to enjoy the beach once during our stay!

I am so glad that we were close to home!  I would have gone crazy in close quarters, with the cold weather those two weeks!  It actually worked out well though... we went out to the trailer for the fun and we spent time at home getting ready for the fall and for school to start (and I didn't feel guilty)!

And, because of this trip, it has made me want to go to the beach 'closer to home' more often!  I needed that reminder!

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