Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ludington Week #2 (July)

 My sister (Abbey) and her family rented a cottage nearby during the second week of our stay!  Their cottage was cute, and had a great backyard!  They were on a smaller inland lake, that was perfect for the kids to play in the shallow end, and for fishing off of the dock or paddle boat.

 My parents, grandpa and brother Nate also joined us for the first half of the week.  

 The triplets and Lincoln had such a great time together!

 Our time at their cottage just cemented the fact that I really am a cottage girl, not a trailer girl...  I have dreams that some day we will make that switch (I'm taking donations - ha!).  

We were also able to spend some time at the beach with Lincoln and Isadora.
I know Abbey and her family love spending time with us, but we thought we would give them a few days of alone time too :)
One of the last few days in Ludington, we did some mountain biking at the state park.  They have beautiful walking and riding trails.  
 Somehow my bike just didn't quite fit in with the rest of the mountain bikes, but it worked!
Check out the deer in the middle of the picture!  They were so calm and nonchalant.  The kids loved watching them as they grazed for food.

 After biking for hours, we took our stinky and sweaty crew to a local Italian restaurant that we had heard good things about.  So yummy to let someone else do the cooking!
I miss those tans!
 One of the neat features that Poncho's Pond has, is an actual pond.  It is stocked with fish for the kids and has paddle boats.  We had a great time paddling around and watching the fish come right up to the top of the water.

Our very last day trip was spent in Glen Arbor.  I love that area!  We ate lunch in town, at Cherry Republic.  
 I died laughing at Jason in his BR shirt, while at Cherry Republic :)

 We also did our second annual Sleeping Bear Dune climb.  I was proud of all four kids!  We got all the way to the top this year!  Maybe next year we can hike towards Lake Michigan after we get to the top.
 If only my kids weren't people watchers...  They were so into the people who were coming up the hill, they couldn't be bothered to smile for me.  I love the background in this picture.
 The view from the top.

 The view from the bottom.
Another 'just because' picture!  This was taken at the waterside park.  We took Easton and Jason back there the following week because we knew E would love the car ferry!

What a wonderful two weeks!  I love making memories with all six of these kids!!!

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