Thursday, December 27, 2012

Slim {apple} Pickings (September)

Michigan's apple production this year was awful (and if I remember correctly, it was pretty dismal outside of Michigan also).  Jason and I (and the kids) have a tradition of going to Crane's Apple Orchard each fall, so we ventured out on one of the only two weekends that they were open!  I was prepared for full out chaos from the other apple pickers, but it wasn't bad.  I never felt like we were crowding others, or being crowded.  Not all of my traditional apple picks were available, but I was happy with our selection given the situation.  

The very best apples were all high, so it was tricky for the kids to pick the usable apples - but that didn't stop them from trying.

I love this picture!
After picking our fair share, we went to the front to pay.  
We figured out where everyone was!  They were all standing in the obnoxious line to pay.  I totally understood the line, and our kids actually did very well!  We were in line for almost 45 minutes.  Oh, what we won't do for u-pick apples, and Honeycrisps?!?!?
(The red barn below is where you pay, and the line wrapped up and around the path)
Easton could only play with so many sticks before he succumbed to the pressure of eating an apple!
The wait to pay for our apples was worth it because of the apples, but... the donuts and cider (and pies and danish) that were waiting for us up at their restaurant made the wait even more sweet!  YUM!

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