Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Hip Halloween Kiddos (October)

I enrolled my mom in creating this year's themed Halloween costumes - and she did a great job!  She made all three of the pink skirts for girls, as well as a skirt for me.  They were SO cute!  I found saddle shoes and scarves online, and bought the glasses at our local Halloween outlet.  I also ordered Easton's pleather jacket, but had the converse and jeans.  They loved their outfits :)
My original plan was to grow Easton's hair out so it was just long enough slick.  He foiled that plan by cutting his hair about a week before Halloween.  And... guess what his tool of choice was???  Nevermind - you won't be able to guess.  He used nail clippers!  Yes, nail clippers!  They were the baby type with the big paddle handles.  UGH!  The woman who cut his hair did a good job hiding the chopped front, but she had to cut a ton of it off!
Anywho... back to Halloween.
All four kids LOVED passing out candy.  They fought each other to get to the door first and we ended up having to have a rotation.  

My little Fonzie - Aaaaeeeyyy!
A little dancing to get them in the mood for trick-or-treating!
Jason took them out while I passed out candy.  It was fun to see their pink skirts bouncing as they ran up and down all of the drive ways!  They weren't out long, just enough to fill their bags (notice I only give them small bags?!?!?).  They were happy to come back and pass out more candy!
A huge thank you again to my mom for pulling off the skirts!!!

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